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Here's a nice story about a group of students from the Stockton Unified School District's Weber Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology and their project to convert a 2002 Neon from gasoline to electric. The process took 150 hours, which presented a few problems. "It took a lot of planning. Thinking hurts. Sometimes it gets so frustrating you don't really want to do it. But you think about what it's going to be like and keep going," according to Kevin Ford, one of the students. In the end,

It ain't no nail polish car, but it's definitely unique. What to do if you're a starving college student and your only worldly possession worth anything is a 2003 Dodge Neon? Well, there are those 1,500 Pokemon cards in the closet that you've been saving for some reason. About 25 hours later, the Pokneon (our term, not his) was born.

Remember 'Smash that Viper!'? Well, sibling-site Adjab posted about some 'good ole boys' who are performing a similar stunt with their 1997 Dodge Neon Sport (pictured). Dodge kinship aside, the stakes hardly seem as high, eh?