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Mazda ad showing Facebook updates while driving criticized by Senate committee [w/video]

Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Jay Rockefeller, D-WV, held an all-day summit on Thursday to discuss the dangers of using modern technology while driving, during which an ad that Mazda aired during the Super Bowl was used as an example of the worrisome future towards which we're headed. While seemingly innocuous at first glance, the ad, which can be John Neff

Videos: DOT tugs on heartstrings with 'Face of Distracted Driving' campaign

Faces of Distracted Driving – Click above to watch videos after the jump

New Laws: Commercial truck and bus drivers banned from texting while driving

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration claims that in 2009 alone, 5,500 fatalities and half a million injuries occurred as a direct result of distracted driving. The problem is so severe that Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood (above) recently felt compelled to address Autoblog readers directly in an effort to spread the word about how dangerous it is to multitask while d

LaHood releases 2009 distracted driving crash figures ahead of summit

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has released his department's findings on the impact of distracted driving on highway safety in 2009, and according to research conducted by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, 5,474 people died due to distracted driving last year, with another 448,000 people injured. Those are big numbers, and NHTSA says the number of people

Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood, has something he'd like to say...

Together, we can end distracted driving, and Tuesday's national summit is a good place to start.