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All of the clean new vehicles in the world won't amount to much if they don't replace the older, dirtier fleet of cars currently on the roads. For this reason, some U.S. states are beginning to offer programs which pay drivers to turn in their old clunkers for new, cleaner cars and trucks. In Texas, for instance, up to $3,500 is available to qualifying families which earn less than $63,000 per year in combined income and own a vehicle which fails current emissions testing. Texas was able to reti

We thought we'd found the filthiest car when we gave away a vacuum last spring, but apparently, Ann Biglan of Massachusetts wasn't going to be passed over again this year. Training hard to win the Dyson, Biglan had crammed her Ford Focus with nearly enough crap to fill a 10-yard dumpster. Perhaps the car was struck by lightning and the decaying organic matter came alive, Johnny Five style. While cruising along in Yarmouth, Massachusetts -- on fairly provincial Cape Cod -- the detritus rebelled.

Voting for the Autoblog Dirtiest Car Contest has ended and a king of uncleanliness has been crowned. Two of our five finalists quickly outpaced the field garnering the lion's share of votes in our poll. Together Chris Gallahan's 1984 Dodge Shadow and Richard Turner's Plymouth Caravelle accounted for 84 percent of the 690 votes cast. Unfortunately for Chris and his Shadow, Richard's crusty Caravelle struck a chord with voters and won with a solid 47-percent of the votes.

Poll time people, and today we have the five finalists for the Autoblog Dirty Car Contest, the winner of which will receive one Dyson DC14 Drive vacuum with car cleaning attachments. As you will see after the jump, all five vehicles are in dire need of a spring cleaning. Some are perhaps beyond help, but we're offering it anyways. There are plenty of pics of each candidate after the jump, so vote for which vehicle you think is the dirtiest of the litter and the owner will be cleaning out his lit