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Toyota is working with satellite-television provider DirecTV on hyper-targeting TV advertising for the automaker's RAV4 electric vehicle in an effort to more efficiently boost sales for the limited-volume model, Bloomberg News reports. DirecTV run RAV4 EV ads specifically in the Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco, where the SUV is sold, and may further be able to hone in on potential buyers based on information from credit cards and other sources of subscriber data. The broadcaster will be

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Due to the recent merger of former satellite radio competitors Sirius and XM, and despite a recent rate hike, the newly formed Sirius XM conglomerate has a huge pile of debt and no cash on hand to pay it off. Fear not, lovers of radio from the sky, Liberty Media, owner of DirecTV satellite television, has just stepped up to the plate with a major infusion of moolah, which it will provide in exchange for 12.5 million shares of preferred stock that's convertible to a 40% equity stake in the compan