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Tesla gets a court win in direct-sales battle

Missouri court sides with Tesla in lawsuit filed by dealers group

Missouri court sides with Tesla in lawsuit filed by dealers group

Michigan says no to Tesla direct sales, again

Looks like there will not be a Tesla store in Grand Rapids.

Looks like the grassroots will once again need to step up to promote Tesla in Michigan.

Tesla fights back against anti-store bill 'authored and pushed' by GM [UPDATE]

The latest dealership battle is taking place in Indiana.

Tesla Motors has sent a letter asking supporters in Indiana to call their lawmakers to vote against a bill 'pushed' by GM that would prevent Tesla sales.

Tesla, Elio, auto dealers talking to FTC today on direct sales

The FTC will hear eight hours of testimony on things like vehicle distribution, dealership locations, and direct vehicle sales today.

Tesla pushes to sell cars in Detroit's backyard

Tesla is lobbying Michigan's legislators to repeal the state's law against direct sales, but so far the efforts have not been successful.

Deadline kills Tesla direct sales bill in Texas House

Bill That Would Help Lyft, Uber Also Stymied

A piece of legislation that would allow Tesla to sell vehicles in Texas did not make it to the full chamber. This is now unlikely to pass this year.

FTC: Tesla should be able to sell direct to customers in Michigan

Just Like Any Automaker Anywhere

Three FTC staff say, again, that laws restricting Tesla or other automakers from selling vehicles direct to customers is a bad idea. An 'anomaly,' in fact.

Tesla offering concessions to help pass direct sales bill in Connecticut

Tesla agrees to some compromises to get a direct sales bill established in Connecticut, and it seems like they're not that damaging to the company's plans.

Tesla appears to be winning direct sales battle in Missouri

Last week, it looked like Missouri would join the list of states where Tesla Motors would not be allowed to sell its all-electric vehicles directly to consumers. Without warning, language was inserted into a bill about off-road vehicles what would have prevented direct sales in the state. Tesla called it a "sneak attack" and tried to get supporters to l

Ohio dealer group sues Tesla to stop direct EV sales

Ohio auto dealers will not let a legislative loss stop their fight against Tesla Motors. Earlier this month, the California-based electric vehicle company had to marshal its forces to stop a state law (Sebastian Blanco

BMW web sales plan opposed by German dealers

Tesla isn't the only manufacturer that is facing a backlash over its plans to sell cars directly to customers. BMW is under fire from its German dealerships over its desire to sell its cars via the internet.

Tesla Motors wins in North Carolina, anti-competitive legislation dropped

Chalk up another win for Elon Musk and the crew at Tesla Motors. The North Carolina Automobile Dealers Association (NCADA) had convinced its pals in the Senate to pass a bill with language that would have, among other things, banned the California automaker from selling cars in the state. After meeting