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Harley Oude Monnink Whether your vehicle is front-, rear-, or all-wheel drive, a common component that all vehicles have is a gear differential.

Amazon The rear-end differential is one of the more physically imposing components on any car, truck or SUV.

The pinion seal, also called a pinion shaft, is designed to keep oil in and any water, dirt or debris out.

Ever since you got your driver’s license, you’ve been to told to check your engine oil.

The pinion seal is located inside differentials of vehicles.

The differential output seals are the seals located at the output shafts of a vehicle’s differential.

A center support bearing is a type of drivetrain bearing that is commonly found on rear wheel drive vehicles.

The CV axle shaft seal is a rubber or metal seal that is located where a vehicle’s CV axle meets the transmission, differential, or transfer case.

Gear, or differential, oil is used to lubricate the gears in a car’s transmission so that it can shift smoothly and easily.

For the better part of the twentieth century, nearly every vehicle on the road had the engine sending power to the rear wheels.

A transfer case is a part of a drivetrain system.

Many folks do not even know what the differential does.

It’s raining as you drive on a darkened highway late at night, but you never worry about safety.