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Many people in the States still make their living using good 'ole fashioned pickup trucks as their main method of transportation. For those people, the sky-high price of fuel is putting a serious dent in their profit margins, especially when that truck is used day-in and day-out to move heavy objects from one place to another. It's dirty work, but somebody's got to do it, as they say. For these gasoline-weary individuals, Ford, makers of the best-selling pickup truck in the world, is diligently

Considering how slow change tends to come in the compact truck market, perhaps the domestic automakers should feel a mild quaking in their collective boots over the impending arrival of Mahindra's new diesel-powered pickup. We can at least be sure that one of the Big 3 are wondering just how good the new Indian vehicle will be, enough to bring one over here for testing. Unfortunately, we don't have any driving impressions to share, but those should be coming soon enough. What we do know, though,

Back in 1999 and 2000, the EPA issued the requirement that all US diesel fuel sulfur content be reduced 97 percent from 500 part per million (ppm) to only 15 ppm by 2007. The purpose was to a) reduce emissions in all existing diesels moderately with no harm to them and b) to allow the installation of NOx reducing components in 2007 that would otherwise be poisoned by the higher sulfur content. The petroleum refiners and the engine makers resisted strongly but the EPA held its ground and the regu