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Are Diesels Ready to Give Hybrids a Run for the Money?

Diesel-powered cars now make power, mileage, and very little noise.

For some reason celebrities and politicians don't seem anxious or that interested in doing a photo-op with diesel cars like they are electric and hybrid cars. But car companies are forging ahead anyway with new diesel vehicles hoping they can convince more car shoppers to try a fuel saving technology other than a gas-electric hybrid.

VW Touareg V6 TDI price: $42,800

A gent named Chris at VW of Langhorne, Pennsylvania, just received the order guide for the Touareg V6 TDI, and the numbers reveal that it will arrive on our shores in January with a base price of $42,800, or $43,490 with the destination charge. That base price is $3,500 more than the Touareg V6 FSI, money that will get you slightly less horsepower but about 150 lb-ft. more torque and about 4.5 more mpg. Options include the Luxury Package for $2,700, Tech Package for $3,350, and Luxury Plus for $

BMW learns buyers want to save money, not planet

BMW carried out a survey of 2,068 motorists in Great Britain and found that no matter what motorists claim to want, what they really want is a BMW. While 20% of respondents said they look at CO2 levels when they research new cars, 75% said they'd only buy a car if they saved money. Which really means they'd only buy a car that slurped less gas than the one in the driveway. Another notable tidbit in the "Driving Change" survey revealed that only 13-percent of people believed that other folks were

I'm Losing My Bet On Diesels - Autoline on Autoblog with John McElroy

A few years back I made a bet with a former Director of Engineering at General Motors. I bet him five bucks that Americans would fall in love with modern diesel engines and would want them in their cars. Specifically, I predicted that diesel sales in passenger cars would reach 1 million units by 2012. He bet it wouldn't happen.

Are fuel prices hurting acceptance of modern diesels?

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Diesels on the way out in Germany?

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BMW 520d beats Prius in gas mileage

Readers of London's Sunday Times kept telling the auto reporters that the official mileage numbers for the Prius were overstated by about 15 imperial mpg. Intrigued, the Times decided to test things out by running a Prius against a BMW 520d with regenerative braking from London to Geneva, a 460-mile trip. Then they added 100 miles of urban running to give the Prius a chance to recover ground on its proper turf.

GM bets $69 million on diesel plant in Ohio

New emissions standards in 2010 will make things too stringent for GM's Duramax diesel, in its current form, to make the grade. To help its prize student pass the looming tests, GM is investing $69 million in its DMAX plant (a joint venture diesel engine factory in Moraine, Ohio) for plant renovations and new machinery and tooling.

Thanks to CAFE, Detroit three (finally) embrace diesels

Diesel vehicles have nearly a 50-percent market share in Europe, thanks to tax incentives and diesel-friendly legislation across the EU. Diesels are so passé there that you can buy a BMW 730d and no one will think it odd that your luxury car burns oil. Pull up in a diesel 7-Series in America and people would leer at you like you've alighted from an amphibious vehicle reeking of saltwater and dead trout.

Let's start importing some diesels already!

BusinessWeek gets a shoutout from us for saying what's gotta be said (as many of our readers have) -- Americans need to get over their perception of diesels as being stinky, loud slowpokes already. Truly. Part of the problem is the fact that until we get cleaner UltraLow Sulfur fuel starting in October, the stinky part may have some truth to it; however, there's something to be said for the fact that diesel is 30-percent more efficient than gasoline and cur

Spy Shots: 2007 Ford Super Duty

As noted by Inside Line, Ford decided not to go with the locomotive-inspired theme of the Super Chief concept for its refreshened Super Duty pickups due out this summer. Too bad, as the Super Chief was super cool. Regardless, the new Super Dutes will get bigger and bolder in the front and back, with larger, one-piece headlights that extend down to a one-piece bumper, bigger vents in the grille, quarter panel vents behin