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China raised fuel prices by 16.7 percent Thursday in order to cope with the rising cost of oil. The increase in regulated fuel prices is China's first hike in eight months and its sharpest ever one-off rise. The move eased global crude oil prices, which dropped $5. The 16.7 percent increase takes the pump rate for gasoline to about 75 U.S. cents a liter, still a quarter cheaper than in the United States and about one-third what UK motorists pay. Prices have doubled since 2003, but crude has more

digg_url = 'http://digg.com/environment/European_truckers_on_strike_because_of_high_fuel_prices'; Blocked borders, fuel pumps running out of gasoline, supermarkets that don't get fresh produce supply ... these are just a few of the consequences of a strike by Spanish and French truckers against high diesel prices. The strike is taking place this week. Currently, diesel prices are around €1.30/liter in Spain and €1.45 in France (that translates to $7.71 U.S. and $8.62 a gallon, respe