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We've been following the on-again, off-again news of the upcoming hybrid and diesel powertrain options on Porsche's Panamera, which is scheduled to go on sale starting next year. It seems that the hybrid is a lock and will be equipped with a 3.6-liter V6 engine offering 300 horsepower along with an extra hundred horsies from the electric motor. While that engine and motor combo will likely make the Porsche an extremely fast hybrid, rumor has it that the driver will be able to selectively choose

AutoWeek apparently has it on good authority that Porsche has plans for a diesel engine not just for its Cayenne Sport Utility, but also for its upcoming sedan, the Panamera. The Panamera will assuredly be getting a gasoline engine, perhaps mirroring the Cayenne's V6 and V8 options, and will also be equipped with an optional hybrid drivetrain which will likely feature the direct-injected 3.6 liter V6 engine. Porsche had been hesitant to offer an oil-burner in its range of sportscars, but perhaps