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Using a bit of diesel fuel to ignite natural gas in an engine is one way to provide high-power output with lowered emissions. Clean Air Power, which has a unique retro-fit system that gives an engine dual-fuel capability, recently completed trials meant to figure out the benefits of integrating versus retro-fitting its products, and discovered that the cost and CO2 emissions savings are better with the contemporary integrated system.

The emissions reductions set forth in the Kyoto Protocol are an ambitious goal, and a lot of countries are struggling to reach them. Britain, for example, will most likely not be able to reduce its carbon emissions by 20 percent by 2010, the BBC recently reported. Clean Air Power, which has come up with a Dual-Fuel system that converts heavy duty diesel engines to run on natural gas (with diesel still in the mix to act as a liquid spark plug), wants to make clear that if just ten percent of the