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MCN gets first ride on Evaproducts Track T800CDI, results mixed

EVA Track T800CDI diesel motorcycle - Click above for high-res image gallery

EVA Track T-800CDI diesel motorcycle launched, equipped with fortwo engine from smart

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EVA Track T800: a 2WD, biodiesel-powered adventure motorcycle

Adventure-style motorcycles are hot right now, and we can see why. The idea of traveling far and wide on a two-wheeler that's capable of traversing whatever comes its way is an intriguing proposition, and one made even more so by such machines like the genre-defining BMW R 1200 GS. The recipe seems pretty simple: take one torque-rich and fuel efficient engine; attach it to a frame with relaxed geometry and add rugged suspenders, tires and lots of cargo carrying capacity. Presto! You've got an ad

MotoCzysz working on new green motorcycle?

Michael Czysz has been working on a new American sportbike for the last few years, one that he hopes will someday compete with the best machines in the world. Oddly, despite being a huge market for motorcycles and for motorsports, America doesn't really have a competitive presence at the world's top levels of two-wheeled racing. There have been efforts in the past, but nothing sust