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Officials from the Department of Public Works told the Indianapolis Star that not only is idling bad for the environment, but it's bad business sense, too. As part of a program to get schools to reduce the amount of time their buses sit and idle, the DPW launched a "Smart Schools Don't Idle" plan on Monday. The focus was on cleaning the air that kids breathe, but DPW officials just happened to mention that reducing idling by just ten minutes a day can save $180 a year in gasoline costs.

School buses idle for thousands of hours a year, spewing diesel fumes into schoolyards across the country. But a project called Improving Kids' Environment (IKE) based in Indianapolis, Ind. is working to educate school officials on how the practice affects students with their "Smart Schools Don't Idle" campaign. IKE was awarded a $15,729 grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 5 on Friday. IKE and nine other organizations were awarded $187,200 in grant money from the EPA Regio