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Diesel fumes cause cancer (and brake dust isn't exactly healthy, either)

As if it wasn't clear from the bouts of coughing that sometimes happen when a truck goes by, diesel fumes are not good for people. After reviewing various studies, including one from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the World Health Organization has officially linked diesel exhaust to cancer, specifically lung and bladder cancers.

World Health Organization says diesel fumes cause cancer

Although no one ever believed that inhaling black, grit-filled smoke would do you any favors, the World Heath Organization notes that doing so is much worse than merely unkind: the WHO has officially decreed that inhaling diesel fumes can cause lung cancer and has added the fumes to its list of Group 1 Carc

Diesel fumes are bad for your brain

A Dutch study analyzing the effects of diesel soot particles on human brain functions has made its way into the journal Particle and Fibre Toxicology, a favorite light read around the Autoblog offices. The research indicates that not only do nanoparticles from diesel fumes make their way up the nasal passages and into your brain, yes your brain, but they also trigger a mental stress response. This is observed through brain wave activity, which, when stressed, reacts by altering

Does diesel cause 9,000 fatal heart attacks a year in the UK?

Diesel engines are quite popular in Europe, but this bit of news will send shivers down the lungs of people throughout the area. Scottish scientists working at Edinburgh University identified diesel exhaust soot particles as the chief culprits in 9,000 fatal heart attacks a year across the United Kingdom. The team of scientists discovered how soot particles move from the lungs into the blood stream, where they can do massive damage. It's not just pedestrians and bike riders who are at risk, said