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Volkswagen's hyper-efficient XL1 edges closer to production

The Volkswagen XL1 is marching ever closer to production. Spy photographers recently spotted the diesel hybrid prancing through the snow during a little winter testing, giving us our first look at the vehicle's daytime running lights, as well as the LED taillamps. The ultra-efficient two-door is said to be capable of returning up to 235 miles per gallon thanks to its two-cylinder diesel engine, 27-horsepower electric motor and seven-speed dual-clutc

Citroen says diesel HYbrid4 version will account for 20% of DS5 sales

The totally redesigned Citroen DS5 will hit dealerships in November 2011 in France and elsewhere (including China, Russia and Latin America). So, too, will the diesel HYbrid4 version of the DS5.

Diesel hybrids soon to be a reality in Europe?

Guess cleaner vehicles are just what the consumer ordered. Consulting firm Frost & Sullivan says consumer awareness of sustainable mobility has prompted automakers to develop low-emission vehicles and – quite optimistically – claims that one out of every two vehicles sold in Europe in 2015 will emit less than 120 grams of CO2 per kilometer.

Toyota announces world's first diesel-electric hybrid forklift

There are some who believe that the Holy Grail of fuel-saving technology could potentially be diesel-electric hybrids, and the idea certainly isn't without merit. After all, diesel engines are inherently more efficient than their gasoline-swilling siblings, so there's the potential for even higher fuel economy than with traditional gas-electric hybrids like the Toyota Prius hatchback. Further, diesel-electric locomotives have proven the technology viable for certain applications.

Team Enertia to enter biodiesel-electric hybrid Studebaker Avanti in Auto X-Prize

Way back in the early 1960s, famed designer Raymond Leowy locked himself and his team in a rented house for five weeks with the intent of designing an exciting new sports coupe for Studebaker. The result was known as the Avanti, and it's often looked back upon as one of the most attractive automotive designs of the era. At least one competitor for the upcoming Progressive Automotive X-Prize must agree with that assessment, as <

Peugeot delaying launch of plug-in hybrid?

Peugeot plans to offer its 3008 CUV with a diesel-electric hybrid by 2011. The step after that is to add plug-in capability, but those plans have been pushed back "a year or two" because of the economy. With R&D budgets pinched by slim sales, the investment in the technology simply can't be justified right now, especially in light of Peugeot's assertion that such cars will sell in "in the tens of thousands, not million

Robert Q. Riley Enterprises is set to introduce their new XR3 hybrid 3-wheeler in June

Robert Q. Riley, who you may already be familiar with due to his past projects like the Tri-Magnum, is working on a new diesel\electric hybrid three-wheeled vehicle. Like other three-wheelers, this one will be a motorcycle when it comes to regulations in the U.S. Also, like his past projects, the plans for the vehicle will be for sale for consumers to purchase in order to build the vehicle themselves. Using Jeremy Korzeniewski

Check out Accelerated Concepts Aptera. It's a car, not a spaceship.

Looking more like a spaceship or an imaginary vehicle out of the Jetsons than anything else currently on the road, the Accelerated Composites Aptera uses a diesel\electric hybrid drivetrain which they claim is good for over 200 mpg at a constant 55 mph, using nickel-zinc batteries. The performance appears quite livable, with zero to sixty times coming in at 10 seconds. Using some sort of advanced carbon fiber technology for production hopes, the t