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Panasonic aims to purify exhaust gas from diesel engines in the most environmentally friendly way possible with its newly-designed alkali metal-based catalyst for decomposing particulate matter. According to Panasonic, the alkali metal compound accelerates the oxidation of particulate matter while substantially reducing the need for high-priced platinum. As Panasonic claims, its new alkali metal catalyst can effectively reduce platinum use to one-fifth the amount currently used by other methods,

Whether or not you believe in global warming, nitrogen-oxides, or NOx, definitely does contribute to acid rain and smog, which are not debatable. Because NOx is emitted in large quantities from the exhaust of diesel engines, something needs to stop it from entering our atmosphere. One way to do this is with urea, which is being used in the Bluetec systems installed by various automakers. Because people don't like to think about carrying around a container of urea (think urine, although it is usu