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When Mercedes-Benz rolls with DICE (Dynamic & Intuitive Control Experience), many of the clumsy controls that drivers have to fumble over will be a thing of the past. At CES 2012, luxury automakers like Mercedes and Audi (more on that in next week's episode) have envisioned gesture-based controls to be the future of in-car tech.


Not to be outdone by its competitors from Ingolstadt, Mercedes-Benz brought out its own vision of the future of interiors, complete with augmented reality, a fully customizable dashboard and gesture-based controls. There's not a knob or button to be found...

It's tough to think of a better way to design dice. Six sides, 21 pips. Done. Oh, but they're missing that little something. A prancing stallion! Of course! That little high-performance pony makes everything better and adds that little touch of class that says, "No matter what I roll, I'll still have more money than you."