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Perhaps I am showing too much of my inner scooter-geek-dom with this post, but I am really excited that Italjet scooters are coming back to the American market. One reason is that these scooters are really just super-cool looking. That means that America's style-conscious buyers might be more inclined to consider them as a viable means of transportation. I mean, there is a good reason that Vespa scooters have become an icon, and it's because they are fashionable. Just like a Prius is an eco-cool

I saw the Ecolimo booth at the Santa Monica Alt Car expo last month, but didn't take the time to share information on chauffeur service, which uses biodiesel and hybrid vehicles to ferry celebs we're all heard of – Steven Spielberg, Leonardo DiCaprio, Al Gore – around L.A. My apologies. Now, thanks to the L.A. Times, I can point you to some more information on the Ecolimo company, which is based in Santa Monica and started in 2004 with a single Toyota Prius. Today, Ecolimo has nine v