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UK tax collectors could be exempt from speed limits like police and fire

The UK Department for Transport is currently examining proposals that would allow additional services to legally drive over the speed limit. At the moment, only the police and fire departments and emergency medical responders can legally break the posted limits, but a recently submitted 90-page document that is "out for consultation" lists other services requesting the right to do the same. HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), which includ

Jeremy Clarkson wins: UK reviewing all traffic signs

Clarkson has a thing against roadside signs in the UK: namely, that a great many of them are stupid, and he wants the government to get rid of them. Turns out that Britain's Department for Transportation (DfT) might agree with him, but first they're going to review all the signs in Britain to see how they can make things better. It will be the largest review of signage in 40 years.

Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation from DfT now in effect

The U.K. has been planning on requiring 2.5 percent of all road fuels sold to come from biofuels, rising to 5 percent by 2010, as part of a plan known as the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO). The time has finally come for that plan to commence, as April 15 marked its official start.

UK invests 8 million on new transport technology research

FREEFLOW, Foot-LITE and User Innovation. These three items make up the UK's Department for Transport short list of ways to "improve transport services." To varying degrees, each of the three tries to green up transporting people while making the transport easier and more comfortable.

UK gov't wants a better understanding of biofuels' indirect impacts

Want to know more about the effects of biofuels on the environment, especially all those indirect effects, the ones that aren't obvious and somewhat hard to calculate? Well, so does the UK's Department for Transport , which has asked the UK's Renewable Fuels Agency to prepare a report on this topic by summer. Once the DfT's Ruth Kelly has seen and studied the report, the department will help the government figure out how best to plot out the EU and UK's bi