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Detroit '09 Preview: Volvo S60 Concept

Click above for a hi-res gallery of the Volvo S60 Concept

Detroit 2008: AutoblogGreen Q&A: Tom Purves CEO of BMW-NA

Prior to the kick-off of frenzy of press conferences at the Detroit Auto Show, ABG had the opportunity to talk with BMW-North America CEO Tom Purves and another BMW representative. We discussed the company's diesel announcement along with their hybrid and hydrogen plans.

Detroit 2008: AutoblogGreen Q&A: Malcolm Bricklin talks about building a PHEV supply base

During the 2008 Detroit Auto Show, ABG sat down to chat with Malcolm Bricklin about his latest project Visionary Vehicles. Mr. Bricklin has been involved in the car business for four decades and could be described as a serial entrepenuer. Over the years his projects have had varying degrees of success including being the original U.S. importer of Subarus as well as importing Fiats in the eighties after the Italian company pulled out th

Toyota clarifies their hybrid goals, ten more years

During Toyota President Katsuaki Watanabe's speech at the Toyota Media reception at the Detroit Auto Show last Sunday night he mentioned the company hybrid sales goal. I didn't mention it in my own report of the event because I didn't consider it all that noteworthy since it's been discussed before. Evidently some other outlets and even Toyota felt it was important and did mention the subject, mis-quoting Watanabe at the same time.

VIDEO: Detroit 2008: Rounding up all the biofuel and diesel announcements

The 2008 Detroit Auto Show is opening up to the public on Saturday and the media previews were chock full of announcements of new flex-fuel and diesel vehicles. The flex-fuel reveals ran the gamut from the wild race car based concepts like the Mazda Furai with it's ethanol fueled rotary to the soon to enter production Saab 9-4x. On the diesel side, BMW showed the upcoming 335d and X5 xDrive35d while Subaru didn't show anything but did discuss their U.S. diesel plans. Kia and Acura both showed th

Detroit 2008: GM Style 2008, Music, Fashion and Cars

Last Saturday night before the Press Days began for the 2008 edition of the Detroit Auto Show, the 2nd annual GM Style event took place in a huge tent set up in a parking lot near the Renaissance Center headquarters of General Motors. Like last year's event, this runway show featured cars and fashions, but the feel of it was a bit different this year. This time last year, GM had yet to make its big design comeback breakthrough, for instance. Also, the cars were almost secondary to the celebritie

Detroit 2008: Bill Ford talks about hybrids, EcoBoost and sustainability

During the Detroit Auto Show, a Ford press liaison invited AutoblogGreen and around a dozen other journalists to an on-the-record dinner to talk about sustainability and related topics. As a guy who writes for AutoblogGreen, I couldn't help but notice that every single person around the dinner table had been at Cobo Hall during the day. The first day's schedule of jam-packed press events ended at around 6:30 at the show in downtown, an

Detroit 2008: Subaru changes their mind, diesel coming to the US after all!

When Subaru announced their new diesel boxer four-cylinder engine, American Subie fans were disappointed to learn that the company wasn't planning to offer the engine here. Fortunately it looks like rising fuel prices and increasing fuel economy standards are causing Subaru management to have a change of heart. Just as General Motors is now looking at bringing their new 2.9L diesel V-6 stateside, Subaru is now looking to add the diesel to just-released second-gen Forester and Impreza models. At

Detroit 2008: Kia shows off the new 3.0L diesel V-6 they are testing

Sitting off to the side of the Kia stand at the Detroit Auto Show is a display of a 3.0L clean diesel V-6. This same engine has been in production in Korean market Kia and Hyundai models including the Veracruz. John Juriga director of powertrains at the Hyundai-Kia Technical Center (HATCI) near Ann Arbor, MI confirmed that the engine is currently running on dynamometers and in vehicles at HATCI. The display indicated that the engine is

Detroit 2008: X Prize contender will add solar thermal collectors, PV panels, wind turbines to old Blazer

You can probably guess that the photo above was not taken anywhere near Cobo Hall during the Detroit Auto Show. Nope, that green Chevy Blazer is sitting in Lake Havasu, Arizona. The connection to Detroit is that Jim Stansbury, the founder and CEO of the Physics Lab of Lake Havasu, was in town to talk up his team's official contender status in the Automotive X Prize. Stansbury and Audrey Perry, the

Detroit 2008: Vehicle Recycling Partnership makes an announcement of sorts

On Tuesday, ages after the major automakers had made all the glitzy announcements they wanted to make, USCAR (the United States Council for Automotive Research, a joint project of the Big Three) announced that - wait a minute. Announced is too strong a word here. Sure, USCAR representatives held a news conference, but there wasn't any news. Instead the chair and director of USCAR's Vehicle Recycling Partnership (VRP), David Mattis (who is also materials and cor

Detroit 2008: This is what 150 mpge looks like - pics of the XH-150 and XH250 hybrids

Near the cutaway BYD F6-DM hybrid in the depths of the Detroit Auto Show, AFS Trinity Power Corporation is displaying a new hybrid SUV (actually a converted Saturn Vue) that gets more than 150 mpge thanks to something AFS calls the Extreme Hybrid (XH). The SUV recently achieved "more than 150 miles per gallon of gasoline based on the E

Detroit 2008: The Hummer HX with its parts off

One of the features of the HUMMER HX ethanol-ready concept is a number of very configurable body panels. Doors, fenders and much more can be taken off and change the look of the vehicle to suit the fickle mood of the hypothetical owner. On each day of the Detroit Auto Show, GM will be showcasing a different look for the HX, and we happened to be walking by earlier today when the switch was happening. You can see a schedule of what's coming in Sebastian Blanco

Detroit 2008: Mercedes-Benz E320 BlueTec is only sort of 50-state legal

Back in October, Mercedes-Benz made something of a splash in California when they re-introduced the E320 to the California market. It was the first new diesel available in the state in over two years. However, it now appears that the E320 BlueTec is not actually technically legal in California or four other states that use the same emissions regulations. The current E320 BlueTec is not equipped with th

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