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Detroit 2009: Dodge Challenger R/T Classic

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Dodge Challenger R/T Classic

Detroit 2009: Ford's Mustang Alley features accessory wheels for 2010 model

Click above the see the full lineup of Mustang accessory wheels

Detroit 2009: Subaru Legacy Concept shows its face

Click above for high-res image gallery of the Subaru Legacy Concept

'09 Detroit Auto Show, now with 100% less Nissan

Visitors to the Detroit Auto Show will be able to eyeball a bunch of Chinese cars that have virtually no hope of ever being sold in the U.S., but they won't be able to scope out the Maxima... or 370Z... or Cube. You'll remember that Nissan formally Alex Nunez

Leakage: Honda Insight coming to Japan with Sporty Modulo trim

Click above for more shots of the leaked 2009 Honda Insight brochure

Detroit Preview: 2010 Chevrolet Equinox debuts with direct injection

Click above for high-res image gallery of the 2010 Chevy Equinox

Official Details: Mercedes-Benz Concept BlueZERO trio

Click above for a gallery of the Mercedes-Benz Concept BlueZero

Next-gen Prius gets a new logo

Toyota's got a lot of Prius fans salivating at the thought of its third-gen fuel-saver being introduced in January at the Detroit Auto Show, and it's doing its part to keep those juices flowing by releasing the first official shot of the '10 Prius. It's um, nice... but doesn't show off too much skin. In fact, it's nothing more than a new logo, and it's obviously a bit of a let-down to the hard-core fans among the internet. We th