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LA 2010: Annual design challenge asks to see the 1,000 pound car

We don't need to remind you that saving weight in vehicles is pretty much the same thing as saving fuel. The hard part, of course, is building a vehicle that comes from the factory with as little excess weight as possible while still providing all the safety features and other options that people expect in their cars today. Maybe young designers can help us figure out the best way to thread this needle.

L.A. Auto Show Robocar: 2057 Audi Virtuea Quattro

The annual LA Auto Show Design Challenge entries have been revealed and we'll be showing off the entire series today on Autoblog. The challenge's theme this year is "Robocar 2057" and we think each team tells a story with their design of how that particular automaker views the future in 50 years. We'll tell you those stories, which are entirely fictional, written by us and not associated with the actual automakers involved in any way, as we introduce you to the cars, and at the end of the da