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Dell has just completed construction of a Solar Grove from Envision Solar that not only produces carbon-free energy for their corporate headquarters in Round Rock, Texas but can also provide power to parked plug-in vehicles. Connected to the eleven "trees" are two CleanCharge stations which utilize Coulomb Technologies ChargePoints to provide at least part of the answer to that frequent postulation, "Aren't electric cars just really burning coal?"

While looking for good stories to feature on our site, I ran across this video from KTLV on CNN. The event highlighted is the Dell-Winston Solar Car Challenge, a solar race starting from Dell Headquarters in Round Rock, Texas, and finishing in New York eight days later. To see if they will be passing anywhere near you, click here. They also have a blog, although as of the time of my writing this post, it had not been updated for a few days. The racing started on the 16th and will finish up on th

If you had a net worth in the billions of dollars, what would you drive? A bright red Ferrari? The million-dollar Bugatti Veyron? The super-luxurious Maybach 62? How about one of each? You may be surprised to find out what Forbes' Top Ten richest people in the world are driving. Not an exotic Italian supercar among them.

You would think that Ford Motors would be but a whisper on anyone's tongue with all the merger talk about an alliance between General Motors and Renault/Nissan. But according to the Keller Fay Group, the Blue Oval is actually the most talked about brand among in America at the moment. The marketing research and consulting company, which measures brands via word of mouth advertising, ranks the automotive company ahead of wireless company Verizon and computer maker Dell.