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Specialty chemical manufacturer Degussa started producing lithium ion battery electrodes at a plant in Germany in late 2006. Later this month at the SAE World Congress the company will be showing off a Honda Civic Hybrid carrying a lithium ion battery in place of it's production nickel metal hydride unit. The battery in the vehicle uses large format electrodes made by Degussa and the car already has almost 25,000 miles of real world testing.

Will VW lead the plug-in hybrid pack in the future? The company seems to be giving it a go with the establishment of a donated Chair for Applied Material Sciences for Energy Storage and Energy Conversion at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität in Münster, Germany. The professorship will commence next year and will focus on batteries for hybrid vehicles, specifically lithium-ion batteries. As always, improved performance and reduced costs are the goal. Degussa AG, Chemetall GmbH a