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We Also Learn Of Liquid-Cooled Supercharger Cables And Other Tidbits

The 2015 Tesla shareholder meeting just happened, and as with so many events with CEO Elon Musk addressing a crowd, we get some insight into the the car company's products and prospects. We've taken copious notes and relay to you the most pertinent points.

CFO Deepak Ahuja Says Weak Euro Hurting Profits

The price for the Tesla Model S around Europe started higher than the US price but then went down. On a recent conference call with investors last week, CEO Elon Musk said that the future price will be going up. Probably.

Sounds like there's money to be made in electric cars. Tesla Motors, the U.S.-based electric automaker partially backed by Toyota and Daimler, expects that its revenue may rise by 50 percent in 2011 due to a projected increase in demand for its Roadster and lithium-ion battery packs. This is what Deepak Ahuja, Tesla's chief financial officer, told Bloomberg during a recent conference call, saying "We project revenue to increase about 40 to 50 percent in 2011, to $160 million to $175 million."

Tesla Motors has hired Deepak Ahuja away from the Ford Motor Company to serve as its new Chief Financial Officer. This announcement comes right after the automaker's hiring of Franz von Holzhausen from Mazda to serve as its Design Director. Seems like Tesla is serious about bringing in talent from Detroit to mesh with the Silicon Valley minds it already has procured. Ahuja had previously served as the man in charge of bringing small European-market Ford products to America. Before that, he was t

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