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Death Race 2050 trailer offers glimpse at dystopian automotive culture

The future of the United Corporations of America will be full of cars designed to drive fast and kill people. Apparently.

Charges Filed Today Against New Jersey Troopers Who Led Luxury Car 'Death Race'

Officer at crux of case resigned Thursday, could lose pension

Ever been frustrated to be stuck in traffic? Ever want to go 100 mph on a road like Route 80 or the the New Jersey Turnpike or Garden State Parkway? After all, if you have a super car like a Lamborghini or Ferrari that can easily go 140 mph, you want to air the car out one in a while without worry over speeding tickets.

NJ police in trouble after allegedly giving 100-mph escort to supercar club including NFL's Jacobs

The facts are still coming in, but what is known is that on March 30 an armada of exotics, said to number from 25 to 30, was escorted by two New Jersey state troopers with their lights flashing down the Garden State Parkway at triple-digit speeds to Atlantic City. On top of that, all of the civilian cars had their license plates taped over. Among the drivers was supercar fan and NFL player Brandon Jacobs, recently of the New York Giants but now wit

Death Race trailer debuts

Click above for high-res gallery of Death Race production stills

Cars of Death Race revealed

No, these are not more spy shots of the 2010 Ford Mustang -- this is the 2006 Mustang GT that you'll soon see on the silver screen in the movie Death Race. A perusal of the film's automotive gems makes it look like Cars for post-apocalyptic and seriously angry adults. But if it were the 2010 Mustang, we'd probably find the time to stop by a Ford dealer today...