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Poll time people, and today we have the five finalists for the Autoblog Dirty Car Contest, the winner of which will receive one Dyson DC14 Drive vacuum with car cleaning attachments. As you will see after the jump, all five vehicles are in dire need of a spring cleaning. Some are perhaps beyond help, but we're offering it anyways. There are plenty of pics of each candidate after the jump, so vote for which vehicle you think is the dirtiest of the litter and the owner will be cleaning out his lit

The Dyson brand has become a breakout hit in the vacuum industry.  When James Dyson began showing up in commercials with his new invention, we all couldn't help believe the stoic and measured man who said his vacuums would never lose suction. Since then Dyson vacuums have become as common inside the house as F-150s are in the garage. And since the dust and dirt we track around inside the home can be immediately transferred to the car, Dyson is introducing the DC14 Drive, a version of its mi