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A woman who was run over by a Beach Patrol pickup in Daytona Beach Shores, Florida, while sunbathing in 2011 was awarded $2.6 million in damages on June 26. However, she may only be eligible for a small fraction of that money under the state's laws.

Doused her own car in gasoline and set it on fire

An afternoon in Daytona Beach took a turn for the bizarre when a 29-year-old Florida woman set her car ablaze at a gas station while claiming to be God.

Despite getting nabbed for street racing, driving under the influence and possession of a controlled substance, the grandson of NASCAR founder Bill France is reportedly off the hook and back on the race track. A Florida judge dismissed the charges against J.C. France after it became apparent that the Daytona Beach officer that arrested the heir to the racing throne was actually outside of his jurisdiction. As a result, France is off scot free.

Those of us who live in the Snow Belt know what it's like to have Mother Nature not let go of your vehicle. There's just no dislodging a car under its own power when the tires dig in and make ruts in the white stuff. Although snow isn't a problem for drivers in Florida, the sands at Daytona Beach are causing headaches for a large number of Floridians. On Sunday, there were nearly 100 vehicles stuck on the beach, and officers suggest that these conditions will not be improving any time soon. Acco