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Many words have been spilled here and elsewhere about the Smart ForTwo since well before its recent debut in the U.S. market. One area that has not received much attention (perhaps for a good reason) is the Smart's prowess when being thrashed on a race track. We have just gotten our first reader report on how the ForTwo comports itself when tossed in among the big dogs like Mitsubishi EVOs and Honda S2000s. Turns out it wasn't a total loss. For those that have been following the ongoing saga of

When Martin Eberhard founded his Tesla Founders blog, he didn't want to be the only one writing about what working on the Tesla Roadster was like. Freed from the daily tasks working on the Roadster, Martin has invited other "post-Tesla people and other interesting people to write guest blogs" on his site. David Vespremi, former director of communications at Tesla Motors, is the first to take up the keyboard.