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Earlier this year when we spoke to Dr. David Cole, one of the risks that he mentioned of relying solely on fuel economy standards as a way to reduce oil consumption was the threat of oil prices dropping. If nothing is done to help create demand for more efficient vehicles, lower oil prices could keep drivers in their thirstier vehicles. Today OPEC released a report where they estimate slower world economic growth in 2008 easing pressure on demand for crude oil. The organization expects oil deman

The recently announced Connected Vehicle Proving Center was officially dedicated at the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor, MI on Tuesday. A number of officials, including the director of the center Stephen Underwood and CAR director Dr. David Cole, spoke about the mission of the center. The CPVC is is a joint venture of the Connected Vehicle Trade Association and the Center for Automotive Research. The state of Michigan kicked in $3.1 million to help establish the facility while anothe

NPR's Elizabeth Shogren spent a morning with Miles Rubin recently, and has a report on the man and his electric machines. The result is a 5:30 minute piece that succinctly captures the current electric vehicle market and Miles Electric Vehicles' place in it. We also hear from David Cole, Chairman of the Center for Automotive Research, on the extreme difficulty inherent in getting an EV to market. Still, Rubin is positive his company can make a difference.