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On top of the test drives (Wheego Whip), test rides (Coda Sedan) and a visit to the unlimited energy booth, a highlight of the AltCar Expo last weekend was getting to hear the LA Times' premiere auto scribe Dan Neil moderate two sessions called "Some Inconvenient Questions." Neil was lucky to have on his panels some of the most knowledgeable people in the green car world who were able to discuss and promote their favored technologies (plug-in hybrids, hydrogen, etc.) without beating each other u

For over a year now General Motors has had two corporate blogs, FastLane and FYI. Bob Lutz is a regular contributor on the FastLane blog and Dave Barthmuss, whom I spoke to at the Detroit Auto Show following the Volt reveal, put up a post on FYI blog the other day about GM's ongoing electric propulsion efforts. Dave is GM's Manager of Public Policy, Environment & Energy and he appeared in the movie Who Killed the Electric Car? He acknowledges the commitment that people have to EVs and that G

AutoblogGreen sat down for a chat with Dave Barthmuss of General Motors after the Chevy Volt reveal yesterday (Sunday) to answer some questions about GM's alternative fuel strategy and even the EV1. Dave is the Manager of Public Policy, Environment and Energy Communications (North America) and if you've seen the film "Who Killed the Electric Car?" you might remember Dave.