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What do you do when you've got a lug nut that just won't budge? While you might want to blast it to smithereens, lots of dirty words, some mechanical finesse, a breaker bar, and heat usually get the job done. Of course, swearing like a truck driver is wholly unsatisfying when you compare it to the joy of firearms. A 66-year-old Washington resident had been dealing with a recalcitrant Lincoln Continental for two weeks when he decided he'd had enough.

Natural Fuel, a major Australian biodiesel producer which is now 50 percent owned by Babcock & Brown Environmental Investments Ltd., says that it has raised AUD$80 million / US$62 million in its public share offer ahead of listing on the Australian Stock Exchange this week.

Maybe blaming a dead guy for your speeding isn't so strange after all. Especially when you see what other drivers are doing in Australia to get out of tickets. One Aussie driver recently pulled a snake on his arresting officers. Apparently drunk, he was pulled over for swerving and was found to have a blood alcohol level that easily exceeded the legal limit. Things then took a turn for the bizarre as he ran into the street, picked up a live snake, and brandished it at the police. No, we're not m