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Genencor mixes up enzyme cocktail to boost cellulosic ethanol production

International enzyme development firm Genencor, a division of Danisco A/S, has announced it's now mixing up the fourth enzyme cocktail in its trademarked Accellerase line. Called Accellerase Trio, Genencor says that this latest enzyme is designed to boost production of cellulosic ethanol from non-food feedstocks. More specifically, Accellerase Trio is an enzyme cocktail optimized to break d

Dupont looking to corner U.S.' cellulosic ethanol industry with acquisition of Dansico

Nestled in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains is the town of Vonore, TN. While it's not exactly the type of city that one would associate with cutting-edge cellulosic ethanol production, it is here that DuPont, the U.S. chemical company, is trying to buy Danisco's joint-owned facility for nearly $6 billion in an attempt to gain a fair amount of control over the U.S.' cellulosic ethanol industry.

Platts Cellulosic Ethanol Conference - industry overview

If you get into a room with a lot of people who make up part of the cellulosic ethanol industry, things can get a little technical. This is the situation here in Chicago for the Platts 3rd Annual Cellulosic Ethanol and Biofuels conference. A few hundred representatives from a lot of companies in the cellulosic ethanol "space" (I hear this term so often these days - the green tech space, the green car space, etc. Why?) are here and the rapid-fire presentations are truly talking to the choir, as i

Dupont and Genencor announce new cellulosic ethanol plant

Genencor, a subsidiary of Danisco A/S, and DuPont have announced a joint venture that promises cheaper cellulosic ethanol. Both companies will be investing $140 million in a plant that will use sugarcane bagasses and corn stover, although other sources such as straw will be used in the near future. A pilot plant will be ready by 2009. The joint venture integrates the proprietary DuPont pretreatment and ethanologen technologies with the innovative enzyme technology of Genencor. Cellulosic ethanol

New enzyme, Fermgen???, might increase fermentation for ethanol

Here's a bit of news for the hardcore ethanol industry folks who read AutoblogGreen. A company in California, Genecor International, a division of Danisco A/S, will introduce a new "acid fungal protease enzyme product" for use in the ethanol industry this week at the Fuel Ethanol Workshop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The product, with the creepy name of Fermgen, creates "faster ethanol fermentation rates and yield for corn, milo [which I think means sor