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Akerson: GM wants to build 60,000 Chevy Volts in 2012

Yes, yes, yes. We know. There are a lot of questions out there about just how popular the Chevy Volt really is, and whether it's restricted supply or soft demand that's holding sales back. According to GM CEO Dan Akerson, though, supply won't be a problem come 2012.

GM CEO Dan Akerson earned $2.5 million in 2010

Despite only holding the reins of General Motors for the last four months of 2010, company CEO Dan Akerson received $2.5 million in compensation last year. Akerson took over the post from Ed Whitacre on Sept. 1, after Whitacre stepped down. According to The Detroit News, Akerson was paid $566,667 in salary from GM a

GM CEO: Toyota Prius is a "geek-mobile" that "I wouldn't be caught dead in"

During a public appearance last Friday at the Economic Club of Washington, the chief executive officer of General Motors, Dan Akerson, slammed the Toyota Prius, calling the best-selling hybrid a "geek-mobile" that he wouldn't own or drive. The outlandish comment by Akerson, who recently to

New GM CEO Akerson to earn salary of $1.7 million

Dan Akerson, the man who just recently replaced Ed Whitacre as General Motors' CEO, will be paid an annual salary of a cool $1.7 million. That's an awfully pretty penny, but Akerson indeed has his work cut out for him – The General is finally on its way to public ownership, with a stock IPO in the works for later this year.

Report: New GM CEO shopping for house in Detroit

Outgoing CEO Ed Whitacre was never supposed to be the long-term chief executive at General Motors. In fact, he never even purchased a home in the Detroit area, instead opting to commute between San Antonio, Texas and a (we're guessing really nice) Detroit apartment. That won't be the case for Dan Akerson, who takes over for Whitacre on September 1st. The Detroit Free Press reports that Akerson is looking into purchasing a primary res