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Place your bids: Chrysler's worth explained... briefly

Can this be the buy of the century? As the rumors of Chrysler's sale increase analysts are starting to talk about just how much it might cost a prospective bidder to secure the rights from Daimler. The numbers they are throwing around seem amazingly cheap. Some are going so far as to say that DCX might have to pay a potential suitor to take Chrysler off its hands. The huge $16.7 billion health care funding is one of the big reasons for that, but the values the analysts are putting on the various

Sterling Bullet set to enter full-size HD truck segment

Got eight tons of stuff to haul? Sterling Truck Corporation is taking a shot at it with its new Bullet-class 4/5 truck. The new mid-range worker looks to be based off the Dodge Ram chassis cab that recently debuted. Sterling is part of Freightliner, which is part of DCX, and if you look through the smoke in the teaser pic, it's pretty clear you're looking at a Ram-derived vehicle. Powering the Bullet will be the Mercedes diesels familiar to Sterling customers, driving either the rear wheels, or

USA Today test drives the Ford HySeries Edge

Click on the image for a gallery of high-res images of the Ford HySeries Edge.

China will get Dodge vehicles this year

The rumors, innuendo and leaks surrounding the sale of Chrysler and its brands haven't stopped DCX's plans to move into emerging markets around the globe. During the second half of 2007, Dodge will enter the Chinese marketplace, although it hasn't been made clear what models will be offered.

When will the madness end? GM's talks to buy Chrysler heat up

We were all ready to start this week anew, leaving behind the reports of a supposed sale of Chrysler to General Motors. But alas, that ain't going to happen.

The plot thickens; Hyundai may be angling for Chrysler

Hyundai and Chrysler already share their 2.4 liter "world engine" (along with Mitsubishi), and they may share much more in the future. Rumors are trickling in from all quarters about potential suitors for Chrysler, should DCX decide to cut loose its American vessel, and Hyundai is the latest one to grab headlines. The main value in purchasing Chrysler, which is suffering from crippling pension and healthcare costs, geriatric factories and indifferent product, is the dealer network.

Automotive News insists GM and DCX talking buyout

Automotive News has filed yet another report that insists DaimlerChrysler is in talks with General Motors about the latter purchasing the Chrysler Group. This time the trade pub claims that sources from Germany, where the rumor originated, and the United States have confirmed that GM is interested in picking up the struggling U.S. division of DCX. The New York Times has already confirmed from inside sou

GM to give Chrysler some GMT900 love?

Last evening, a source privy to the talks between Chrysler and GM, revealed to the New York Times that the General may be sharing its GMT900 SUV platform with the American half of the German-American hybrid.

DaimlerChrysler 2006 financial results highlight $7.0 billion of R&D

DaimlerChrysler has published its preliminary Group and divisional results for the year 2006 revealing that the organisation spent $7.0 billion for the year on research and development. This figure was down from $7.5 billion in the previous year but included the further development of powertrain technologies, alternative propulsion systems such as hybrid drive and fuel cells,

MB's next major innovation: Vented Taillights?

Back when my whip was a Volvo 740, I ventilated my taillights, too. Actually, it was more like drilling drain holes, but once all the trapped water escaped, you can bet that the compromised seal allowed plenty of air to flow through the lamp. Mercedes has applied intelligent thought to using the taillight as a hidden aerodynamic diffuser on the new C-Class, resulting in a slick Cd of .27. Instead of marring the design with

Chrysler's Project X to claim 1,000 white collar jobs, 10k hourly workers

As soon as we heard about DC's Project X, we knew the hits to Chrysler employees were forthcoming, but we didn't expect them to be so large and so fast. According to the Detroit News, next week Chrysler Group will announce their intentions to layoff 1,000 salaried workers, along with 10,000 hourly workers from underperforming US plants.

German car companies: Emission measures will hurt European automakers

In a move some would say is similar the the U.S. automakers stance on revised CAFE standards for light trucks and passenger cars, the major German automakers are in opposition to a requirement to lower emissions standards by producing smaller cars with smaller engines. Just as Lutz was quoted on his

The US Minivan's last stand - Chrysler to debut 2008 Minvans at Detroit

Ford and General Motors have lost their taste for the minivan wars, leaving the Chrysler Group to stand alone as the sole domestic player in the minivan arena. It's just as well -- DCX always had the best American vans, anyway. Having invented the segment, Chrysler has hunkered down and pushed their minivan to be a contender once again. The Caravan and Town & Country will sport new styling, squaring up the edges of the current look, and front-end appearances will offer more distinction betw

SassyGrass! - NeoRetro color for the Charger

Well this is just Plum Crazy! Actually, no, it's Sublime. Our friends over at ChargerForums.com have obtained some information about the latest special edition of the LX cars; the Dodge Charger Daytona Sublime Edition. Sublime refers to the eye-popping shade of green, instantly harking back to the "Sublime Green" hue of the musclecar era. A total of 1500 Sublime Daytona R/Ts will be built, and the model is slated to debut in December, just in time for Christmas. The color is hideous in a radioac

Don't let the door hitcha? - Investors call for spin-off of Chrysler

There have been rumblings of late in the halls of Stuttgart that the boys in Auburn Hills are an albatross around the neck of DCX. Dieter Zetsche and company are reportedly in it for the long haul and fighting the good fight for Chrysler, but investors cite thin patience while waiting for a profit. Rumors of potential suitors waiting in the wings abound, but it seems that the real problem would be salability due to large pension commitments. Some have gone as far as speculating that even if Chry

Ghosn taking a break from merger manhunt

The dust has settled on the mergerama between Renault/Nissan and GM (plus a few other rumored alliances), and for the time being the CEO of the Franco-Japanese automaker, Carlos Ghosn, has called it quits.

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