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Daimler gets serious about R&D, will increase spending to $21 billion by 2010

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Daimler to invest $420m in Indian venture

Daimler is joining throngs of other automakers, including Navistar, Nissan and Volvo, to establish India as one of the largest builders of commercial trucks in the world. Its newest venture involves a partnership between Daimler AG and India's Hero Group (great name!), with Daimler investing some $420 million for a 60-percent stake in the India-based manufacturer. The venture will involve the creation of light-, medium- and heavy-duty trucks in one of the world's burgeoning production centers th

Daimler versus Benz comes to a (mast)head

Before the DaimlerChrysler union ended, shareholders and executives were fighting over the rightful name of the Stuttgart-based company. Management and the supervisory board want Daimler AG, but the "Benz faction" feels one of the company founder's names have been slighted in the process. Thankfully, all the bickering should come to an end today, as th

Chrysler blocks the doors to prevent white collar exodus

Chrysler is apparently a little worried that there might be a mass exodus of executives during the transition from DaimlerChrysler "partnership of equals" to Cerberus stewardship. Because of that, they have taken the bold step of advising current employees against applying for jobs at Daimler AG or Chrysler Financial.

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