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Daimler chairman Dieter Zetsche is bullish on the adoption of diesel in the United States. At the ECO:nomics conference, Zetsche told the Wall Street Journal that Daimler is very happy with its diesel accomplishments over the last two years (see video below the fold). According to Zetsche, in the states where they are currently available, Daimler's diesel SUVs are showing twenty percent take rates and diesel cars are showing twelve percent take rates. Zetsche is confident Daimler will see the sa

Carlists's Lou Ann Hammond was recently part of what seems like a roundtable interview with Jim Press, the chairman and vice president of Chrysler. A four-minute video clip of that interview is now available over on Carlist and shows Press answering questions about the fate of the Two-Mode hybrid system that was once developed General Motors, DaimlerChrysler and BMW. Since the Daimler-Chrysler split, Chrysler has stepped in as partner while Daimler has gone on to focus on diesels. Hammon asks Pr

Last Saturday, approximately 40,000 classic show cars and nearly 1.8 million spectators gathered in Michigan for the Woodward Dream Cruise - America's most popular classic car showcase. As an automotive enthusiast, this is one of the premier events that get your adrenaline running. As an environmentalist, you're likely to be appalled by the thousands of gallons of gasoline wasted and hundreds of pounds of exhaust fumes emitted for such a spectacle. And as both, you're undoubtedly divided.