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Tesla Roadster and the Smart Ed – Click above for high-res image gallery

Elon Musk and Dr. Thomas Weber with the Tesla Roadster and the smart ed

Elon Musk and Dr. Thomas Weber in the Tesla Roadster

Tomorrow morning, May 19, Daimler will be holding an online press conference to make what it calls a major announcement in the EV space. Management board member Dr. Thomas Weber and a key executive of one of the company's suppliers will make an announcement about a strategic investment. While Daimler is not giving any details right now about which company this might be or the nature of the investment, we're told by our sources that the partnership is with Tesla.

It's time to throw some ideas against the wall and see what sticks. Disclaimer: I have no inside knowledge to back up any of what follows. This is all pure speculation based on putting together some puzzle pieces that may or may not actually fit. Let's begin with a few things that we do know:

Tesla Motors has apparently reached some kind of technology deal with German automaker Daimler. Tesla Chairman Elon Musk reportedly told Fox Business news that, "We have a small deal that could potentially lead to a very big deal." While no real information is available at the moment we will be more than happy to don our speculation beanie and ponder what this might mean. There are numerous possibilities here.