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Two Wheels

The Catavolt team has been developing its unique electric motorcycle drivetrain whilst duking it out on racetracks Down Under in the eFX/TTXGP championship for the past couple years. Now, they are bringing the battle to the Australian streets, announcing that the first Catavolt S6 street bike has found a home.

While on the subject of scooting, I always try to remind riders to be safe. If you are a new rider, or are interested in riding safely, why not click here and get a few tips. You can never be too safe, as they say...

If you like riding on two wheels, and your green leanings are more along the lines of using the least amount of gasoline possible as opposed to having the cleanest emissions, then perhaps you should consider the new Daelim Delfino scooter. According to The Scooter Scoop, the scooter has pretty good acceleration, which is not too surprising considering the 100cc engine is a two-stroke design, which usually feel "peppier" than similarly sized four-strokes. The downside is that the emissions from t