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The argument can now be made that Tesla Motors has come up with a sleeker alternative to the Amtrak lines that run along the Eastern Seaboard. The California-based electric vehicle company has installed the first East Coast fast-charging stations, allowing Model S owners to make the 450-mile trek between Boston and Washington DC without worrying about having sufficient juice.

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"No electric vehicle charging company left behind." That seems to be the mantra over at Nissan with the announcement that it has partnered with AeroVironment and the District of Columbia to install infrastructure to accommodate the hundreds of electric vehicles it envisions will be put to use by both the government and the public over the next few years. No stranger to electric cars, AeroVironment played a large role in the creation of both GM's solar-powered Sunraycer and Impact pre-EV1 proto

Today Volkswagen officially introduced the next generation Jetta TDI. The new diesel Jetta features the 2.0-liter BLUETEC diesel four-cylinder we told you about earlier this month, which manages to meet emissions standards in all 50 states without the use of urea injection. Instead it uses a nitrogen oxide storage catalyst controlled by the engine management system, which periodically changes the vehicle's operating mode to treat the nitrogen oxide it's stored up. VW says it reduces nitrogen oxi

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