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Due to the continuing evolution of safety standards, high speed car-on-car impacts have made life better for everyone inside the cars. Now, even pedestrians get love from some car makers in the form of hoods that pop up when the car senses a pedestrian impact, so that the walker doesn't hit the engine block. Now, the Dutch Cycling Federation wants to know: what about us? The federation is asking for exterior airbags to protect cyclists in collisions with cars.

In 2004, 17-year-old Enaitz Iriondo was cycling after sunset near the town of Haro, in Spain. Spanish businessman Thomas Delgado, doing 100 MPH in his Audi A8, hit Iriondo, killing the teenager instantly. The Spanish court found both parties at fault: Iriondo for not wearing any reflective clothing in the dark nor a helmet, Delgado for doing triple-digit speeds. Delgado's insurance company then paid the Iriondo family €33,000 for the death of their son. Cased closed.