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Gang, you and I have nine more Knight Rider liveblogs ahead of us, then it's over. NBC hasn't officially announced the show's inevitable cancellation, but you don't exactly need to be Stephen Hawking to figure this one out. After first giving the show a baffling full-season order, then announcing that it's being completely revamped after ratings took a nosedive following the 1-week break it had in November, NBC suits have reconsidered the number of episodes they want to subject us to when Knight

It isn't even on sale in the U.S. yet, and Honda Motor Co. is already announcing that will cut sales expectations for the Fit subcompact by as much as 24 percent. The automaker states that unexpectedly high sales of its new Civic (which went on sale last year in Japan, Europe and the U.S.) is forcing the manufacturer to clear more space in its facilities.