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This is the kind of computerized world we can get behind -- not the kind that drives for you whether you like it or not, but the one that allows you to do your human thing even better. Futuremark has created a concept instrument and dash cluster for Audi that is rendered entirely in 3D graphics. In the Nissan GT-R, you can change the center console screen to show or highlight the gauges you want. With Futuremark's dashboard, you can create any kind of dashboard layout, color scheme, gauge look..

Despite the fact our credit card debt is anything but mini, at least we can now have the iconic brand emblazoned across the face of our plastic. MINI has news of another new credit card, this one a VISA, upon the face of which cardholders can customize a MINI to their liking. Of course, in order to pimp the MINI you've got to apply for the card, which when used earns MINI Motoring Rewards that can be used towards buying the real thing or various other items having to do with MINI mania.