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Residents warned the city for years

A century-old retaining wall in Baltimore washed away Wednesday afternoon after a month of rainy weather, sending an unstable street, six cars, and street lights 30-feet onto the train track below.


The Civic has long been a big volume model for Honda. But while it has grown in size and standards of accommodation over the years, Canadian buyers are the only ones in the world who can get their hands on an Acura version.

Automotive research site Edmunds.com has taken a cue from the popularity of fantasy sports and applied it to what the site knows best: car sales. It has created what it calls the Car Stock Exchange, or CSX – an online game where members can buy and sell stock in upcoming automobiles, which is valued based on predicting the sales of particular models in the U.S. The money used in CSX exists only in the virtual world and new members receive $1,000,000 in funny money for joining. A stock pric