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Vern Buchanan (R), the Congressman representing the Sarasota, FL area, is one politician who sees the "green" light. While visiting with solar and electric car maker, Cruise Car Inc, whose manufacturing and sales operation is in his district, the lawmaker made a plea for a national bipartisan effort to make the switch from fossil fuels to more environmentally-friendly energy sources. Speaking to the company's employees and assembled media, Buchanan said, "My sense is we've been misled as America

Solar Power 2006, the nation's largest solar energy conference, just wrapped up in northern California with a visit by Gov. Schwarzenegger. More than 9,000 people registered or dropped by to view the exhibits. Highlighting the closing activities was the giveaway of a solar-paneled NEV called the Sunray. Manufactured by Cruise Car, the Sunray can go about 22mph and has a range of 65 miles, according to the distributor. Cost is $7,000 before federal tax credits. The company also has traditional ca