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A huge number of Americans are willing to give up their car, use robotaxis

Automakers betting billions on this, and survey shows it may be a solid bet

Cruise calls for a new way to determine commercial readiness of self-driving cars

Focusing on disengagement numbers is 'woefully inadequate for most uses'

Cruise co-founder and CTO Kyle Vogt said Friday that disengagement reports released annually by California regulators are not a proxy for the commercial readiness or safety of self-driving cars. Vogt, in a lengthy post on Medium, called for a new metric to determine whether an autonomous vehicle is ready for commercial deployment. The post suggests that the autonomous vehicle company, which had a valuation of $19 billion as of May, is already developing more comprehensive metrics.

GM's Cruise self-driving unit gets $1.15 billion from T. Rowe Price, SoftBank

Now worth $19 billion as it pushes to build autonomous vehicles by year's end

Now worth $19 billion as it pushes to build autonomous vehicles by year's end.

GM considers options for its Lyft stake following IPO

GM shareholders do not have a consensus view

GM shareholders do not have a consensus view.

NHTSA wants your opinion on driverless cars with no steering wheels

General Motors has requested a waiver for self-driving vehicles

General Motors has requested a waiver for self-driving vehicles.

GM's Cruise unit to double its workforce

1,000 new hires this year

1,000 new hires this year.

Ford, VW reportedly near agreement on self-driving partnership

Any investment could value Ford-backed Argo AI at $4 billion

Any investment could value Ford-backed Argo AI at $4 billion.

GM Cruise, DoorDash partner for autonomous food delivery

They'll deliver takeout and groceries in San Francisco

They'll deliver takeout and groceries in San Francisco.

GM President Ammann will take over Cruise self-driving car unit

Cruise co-founder Kyle Vogt becomes president, CTO

Cruise co-founder Kyle Vogt becomes president, CTO.

Cruise is running an autonomous ride hailing service for employees in SF

GM employees can get autonomous rides any day of the week.

Car that screams on the street of dreams: Cruising Woodward in a Hellcat | AutoblogVR

It's not the Dream Cruise, but it's still pretty great

If you really love cars, you've probably at least heard of the Woodward Dream Cruise. Millions of people make the pilgrimage to Woodward Avenue with thousands of cars every year. Obviously, the Dream Cruise is amazing, but you don't need to wait for the official Cruise to experience Woodward. Join Greg Migliore as he drives up and down the street of Dreams in a Dodge Charger Hellcat, all in 360° VR video!

Startup will make your Audi A4 self-driving for $10k [w/video]

We are on the cusp of the next generation of semi-autonomous driving technology becoming affordable. Adaptive cruise control is already trickling down to the mass market, and the more sophisticated systems found on vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class are clearly coming, as well. If you're a little adventurous, live in California and drive an Audi, you might be able to upgrade to the nex

Chevy builds Cruze-engined Super Spark for WTCC duty

Chevrolet Spark turbo – Click above to enlarge

Cashing In: Woodward Dream Cruise gets new name

High unemployment and plunging revenue for businesses has been toughest on the state of Michigan. Even the wildly popular Woodward Dream Cruise has been hit by the region's economic despair. Several sponsors have reportedly dropped out, and some participating cities have scaled back their participation in light of

Event Alert: November 2008 calendar of automotive events

One of the big changes we made at Autoblog a couple of years ago was adding more live coverage of events with photos and impressions to hopefully make you feel like you were there with us. While we love going to these races, auto shows, concours and cruises to report on them for you, we know there are many of you out there who would like to witness these happenings firsthand. Many of you have commented that although you enjoy our event coverage you'd like more advance warning of the events we ar

Tom Cruise proves Scientologists ??? green by spending $1,000,000 a year on fuel

If you've got it, why not flaunt it (and make a total fool of yourself in the process)? That seems to be the slogan of the world's most famous Scientologist, Tom Cruise. The once-cool movie star (seriously, remember him in Top Gun?) is acting about as outlandish as celebrities come these days, as his fuel spending habits prove. According to a note in Star (wait, are we quoting Star now? Oh boy) that's repeated on MSNBC (that's better), Cruise s

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