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Behind The Scenes: NHTSA's New 5-Star Safety Rating

A gasoline-powered, big-block V8 housed in a tin shack fires up, the sound of its open exhaust echoing across the desert floor. Anyone passing by might mistake the sound for a local putting the finishing touches on a demolition derby racer, but what's about to happen is a totally different kind of crash.

REPORT: Toyota Tundra finally earns its fifth star... but how?

2010 Toyota Tundra Platinum Package - click above for high-res gallery

5 Stars for '09 Ford F-150

Ford's 2009 F-150 has garnered five-star government crash ratings and a "Top Safety Pick" award from the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety (IIHS), which Ford says makes its newly redesigned full-sizer the safest out there. Vehicle safety is still largely a question of the loose nut behind the wheel, but the F-150 does come with a raft of safety gear. Acronyms and names abound, from RSC (Roll St