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Craig Henderson piloted his 1,500-pound, diesel-powered Avion from Blaine WA, to Mexico – a 1,478-mile journey – and he burned just 12.4 gallons of fuel along the way. Some simple math shows that this featherweight vehicle achieved an astounding 119.1 miles per gallon, but the mileage numbers don't tell the whole story.

Remembered as the year that the Apple Macintosh first went on sale, Michael Jackson's hair caught on fire and Richard Petty won his 200th NASCAR race, 1984 was also when Craig Henderson and Bill Green finished building the Avion prototype. Designed to be as streamlined as possible and built on an aluminum chassis with a composite body, the car made the Guinness Book of Records by achieving 103.7 mpg on a West coast drive from Mexico to Canada. Now, more than 20 years later with an updated drivet