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DOE eGallon proves plug-in vehicles can drive for just $1.14 a gallon

It's true that electric vehicles cost more than gas-powered ones (except, of course, when they don't), but the running costs are dramatically lower. How much lower? To answer that question, the Department of Energy would like to introduce you to the eGallon.

Snopes: Chevy Volt chain email is verifiably false

"Nonsensical," "unrealistic" and "not reflective of current norms."

CR: Toyota Prius a better buy than Chevy Volt, for some

2010 Toyota Prius – Click above for high-res image gallery

Report: Ford Fusion Hybrid pays off quickest

2010 Ford Fusion – Click above for hi-res image

How much it will cost to run your electric car

click above for more of Eberhard and his Tesla Roadster