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Ownership costs for plug-in vehicles to drop significantly by 2030

A UK analysis of total ownership costs for the cars of tomorrow found that low-carbon vehicles will make substantial progress in bridging the current cost gap, when compared to traditional gasoline-powered cars, by 2030. The big question is whether – or when – will advanced vehicles be seriously cost-competitive? Might we really have to wait decades?

Long-Term Thinking: "Cost to Own" mindset grabs hold

2011 Chevy Volt - Click above for high-res image gallery

Is a Yaris cheaper to own and operate than a Prius?

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High tech equals high repair costs - just like it's always been

Any time that we start to see a hint of paradigm shift in the auto industry, it's mandatory that the detractors come out of the woodwork with stories of woe. For example, in the article linked below, we learn that someone can get taken for a $8,000 ride to replace one of Toyota's hybrid transmissions.

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